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Before Speed Limit

Tony’s first band was ‘TRAMP’ who were formed in 1969.

In the 80’s he joined his first Country Band, the very popular


Eventually his two brothers joined him.  Mick on lead guitar

and Pete on bass guitar and later Bob Swartz joined

as lead singer.

Trevor Holland (drummer) was an original member of the band.

They disbanded in 1990.

Angie’s first band was ‘STREEM’ who were formed in 1973.

They were based in Holland and performed all over Europe.

In 1980 Angie joined a popular band based in East Anglia


The birth of ‘SPEED LIMIT’ was in 1991 and the rest

is history.

For twenty years Tony and Angie toured all over

Britain including The Orkney Islands, Shetlands

and Ireland.  A couple of years ago they decided to

cut back on work and instead of doing 10 gigs on the trot

they average 2 a week now with organising the holidays

taking up so much of their time.

Over the years ‘Speed Limit’ have toured the Country

in a variety of motor homes + trailer, the last one

being a brand new Autotrail but their very first touring

vehicle was the one pictured above.

Their friends in Country Music affectionately called it


‘If the vans a rocking don’t come knocking’