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Hi Friends

Anyone who has seen us on stage knows that I am the vocals of 'Speed Limit'. I am also the one who introduces the songs and I take a lot of flack for not letting Tony speak (as most people would put it).

The fact is he is quite happy to concentrate on playing the steel guitar and indeed does not want a microphone anywhere near him.

Another thing that has to be done is learning the lyrics and arrangements of new songs. Most people think artists just know them automatically.

We organise holidays in England, Portugal, Spain, America and Holland. This entails a lot of work. Flights, and hotels have to be booked, artists, coaches and all the correspondence that has to be dealt with including the mail shots, I’m not complaining, I love doing it.

Then there are the programmes and place mats to design and produce.

I really do enjoy doing all these things most of the time. It certainly beats waking up each morning to an alarm clock and working all day for someone else. I do get upset when I receive comments like "what do you do all day cos you don't have a proper job do you"? OR when we have arrived home at 4 am, had a hot drink and have gone to bed at 5 am, the telephone rings at 9.30 am the person on the other end says "did I wake you, were you still in bed? Oh! you are lazy".

There, I feel better now having got that off my chest.

Life really is good.